NORM / LSA decontamination

Innovative, qualitative and rapid cleaning of Low Specific Activity (LSA) / Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) contamination

By using innovative cleaning methods, Cleanstream takes care of decontaminating equipment and tubulars contaminated by radioactivity that originate from the oil, gas and geothermal industries, to name just a few. These cleaning methods comply with the LSA/NORM regulations and are safe for people and animals. In order to continuously guaranteeing quality, we invest heavily in new methods. Our own radiation experts (at Radiation Protection Expert (RPE) and Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) level)] always carry out the decontamination and the final release.

Cleaning without damage

Our radiation experts are experienced employees who have extensive knowledge of decontamination. Using their knowledge and experience, we have developed our own inventive cleaning methods that prevent materials from getting damaged during cleaning. We are also involved in disassembling and decontaminating contaminated materials originating from old and emptied oil and gas wells, so that he metal can be recycled.

Rapid and cost-effective

Carrying out the disassembly and decontamination by our own radiation experts generates additional benefits. Because all work activities are carried out by our own staff at our premises of 20,000 m2 in Ter Apel, the communication lines and the turnaround times are short. This enables us to achieve considerable cost-savings for our clients.

Therefore Cleanstream:

  • Fast and cost effective
  • Safe and green
  • Clean without damage
  • Quality oriented


The world is changing. We are constantly improving to meet the demand. Together we embrace change!

NORM / LSA contaminated materials come in three types:

  • Exempt
  • Notifiable
  • Obligation to obtain a license


Cleanstream is licensed to clean all types of NORM / LSA contaminated materials. Cleaned objects are released by means of a certificate. So you can show that your material has been cleaned in accordance with laws and regulations.

Cleanstream, where green and clean come together!