Mercury decontamination

Cleanstream is also specialized in decontaminating mercury-contaminated materials. Complicated materials and objects are treated with MercurySolve product and mercury is removed even in hard-to-reach places. Cleanstream’s mercury decontamination process uses a release value of 1mg/kg.

For each type of cleaning, a sample of the contamination is taken in advance and examined by means of XRF analysis in the internal laboratory. We share the results of the analysis with our clients and it is the standard process within Cleanstream for cleaning your properties.

Clean without damage

Our experts are experienced workers who have developed inventive cleaning methods. In this way we ensure that the materials are not damaged and the lead time is as short as possible. Our experts can also disassemble materials carefully for optimal cleaning.

Removal and Recycling of materials

Cleanstream also takes care of the removal of the mercury-containing waste from decontamination. The cleaned materials can be reused or recycled for reuse.

Therefore Cleanstream:

  • Fast and cost effective
  • Safe and green
  • Clean without damage
  • Quality oriented

Cleanstream is able to reduce waste to a minimum through innovative processes. The world is changing. We are constantly improving to meet the demand.

Together we embrace change!



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