SEM SDR Rust remover

General information:

SEM SDR is a novel, advanced rust removal chemical technology for use on all grades of steel. The product has evolved from chemistry previously proven in the nuclear industry and in engineering pre-commission operations. The technology is flexible, water-based, safe, has neutral (non-acid) pH and is non-toxic.

SEM SDR is non-corrosive to all steels, metals and engineering polymers. When used as directed, the product effectively removes all rust to provide a super clean, virgin metal surface. If desired the product can be used to impart a degree of corrosion resistance to that virgin metal surface to prevent flash rusting after cleaning. Grease and oils on metal surfaces prevent the chemical from reacting with rust; surfaces may need to be degreased before treatment with SEM SDR – this can normally be achieved by a surfactant or wash of the surface that is to be cleaned. Klick on the link for more information and applications!

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