General information:

HCR-3000 is part of the
“Environmentally Responsible” Synthetic Acid™ replacement product line that
has comparable abilities of mineral acids, but with zero halogen content.
HCR-3000 is a strong, non-fuming, non-oxidizing acid alternative,
and can be enhanced through the addition of conventional oilfield chemistry.

Features and benefits

  • Non-chloride acid system.
  • Non-corrosive to skin.
  • Safe on chrome and chrome plating.
  • Inherently low corrosion effects.
  • Non-fuming.
  • Non-regulated for transport.
  • Comprehensive spending nature.
  • High temperature stability (>1800 C.).

Physical Data

  • Appearance: Clear amber liquid.
  • Specific Gravity: 1.120 +/ – 0.02.
  • Freezing Point: -300 C..
  • Boiling Point: >1000 C..
  • pH: <1.0.
  • Solubility: 100% in water.
  • Shelf Life: >1 year
  • CaCO3 Solubility: 260 kg/ m3

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