General information:

HCR-2000 is part of the ‘Environmentally Responsible’ HCl acid replacement product line that has comparable performance to Hydrochloric acid, without the extremely hazardous Health-Safety-Environmental exposure and corrosive properties. HCR-2000 can be used in any situation where HCL normally is used but without risk and pre cautions, both personal and equipment wise.

HCR-2000 Modified Acid (North sea approved / WGK-1) is a yellow classified, safer alternative to 15% Hydrochloric acid for the North Sea. HCR-2000N can be used in the following applications at temperatures up to 900 C.

  • Spearhead acid
  • Fracturing / Matrix
  • Production
  • Injection wells
  • Scale treatment

HCR-2000 is very compatible with formation oils and fluids. Requiring less additives than typical 15% HCl blends. HCR-2000 is supplied as a concentrate and is typically diluted to a 20% to 90% Concentration at the well site (platform) with sea, produced or fresh water.

Features and benefits

  • Non-corrosive to skin tissue (OECD 404).
  • Low fuming.
  • Low metal corrosion.
  • Comprehensive spending nature.
  • Readily biodegradable in seawater (OECD 306).
  • CaCO3 solubilizing of 225 kg/m3.


Physical Data

  • Appearance: Clear amber liquid.
  • Specific Gravity: 1.15
  • Freezing Point: -30C (-220 F)
  • Flash Point: 120 C (540 F).
  • pH: <1
  • Solubility in water: 100%

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