BMS Versol T

General information:

BMS VerSol T is the right replacement for solvents such as NMP/NEP, Glycols or Aromatics, has NO CLP labelling and is fully miscible in water and / or acid.



BMS VerSol T is a chemical product, lending to a more environmentally conscious alternative to BTEX containing products (Green Xylene replacement). BMS VerSol T performs the following functions: 

  • Cleans corrosion inhibition and / or organic deposits from hoses, pumps, tubulars, heat-exchangers and / or pumping equipment.
  • Replaces BTEX solvents in well cleanup operations.


Physical Data

  • Clear transparent liquid.
  • Boiling point >2000C.
  • Flash point >800C.
  • Water solubility, fully miscible


More information and data please contact us. BMS Development has own laboratory to test your application!

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